About the Chamber

We are the Magnolia Parkway Chamber of Commerce and are proudly known as…The Chamber without Borders.

In any and every city, state or regional area where there is a Chamber of Commerce…you will always find that the people involved in that Chamber are interested in the economic development, social improvement and overall livability of the entire area and surrounding area it serves.

When this Chamber was founded 11 years ago, we began a history of becoming more than just an extension within our great area. Throughout the years, we have created a continuous unity of each other’s vision to include both small and large businesses as well as individuals.

We never lose sight of each person behind the company name that is working daily to expand horizons and include and listen to each other’s ideas.  Our investment is for each one of you…and to all of our communities of the entire Parkway and Montgomery County area.  It is in this way that we grow as a single unit in all vast arenas – economically, emotionally, and socially.